Take A Note ! This is The Right Tips & Ideas for Your Christmas House

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Posted on December 18, 2017

Christmas is near! Christmas is coming ! Decorate your house before Christmas Day and make your partner or family or guest impress with your house. But, if in year to year your decorate theme is same, I think its kinda a boring, right?
So, here they are, we have some tips/ideas fun decorating for your house that can make your house look more fun in this Christmas Day.




First, for you who have pillar in front of your house. You can decorate it with lamp special for Christmas or Christmas leaves . Light from lamp can give a bright side from your house , especially in the night. Your house look stunning and give a Christmas atmosphere to your neighbor too.





Second, put a Christmas Wreath in front of your door. Maybe, using wreath is a mainstream decoration. So to make it different you can use many materials too make a wreath.





Third, decorate your hanging lamp and stairs with cypress leaves. Cypress leaves is an icon from Christmas tree, because of that with that leaves in hanging lamp and stairs it can make us feel like in the place with many Christmas tree. And don’t forget to put a bell or lamp there.






Fourth, natural decoration between Christmas tree or leaves is a flower. Christmas color iconic is green and red. So we can use red flower to be a decoration too.
Source : Website CaraDesain and Pinterest