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Posted on August 17, 2018

Every colors in Interior Design can give many effect for our house, include red and white. For some serious vibe, darker and deeper rusty red is highly recommended. For the kind of red-white and where this color can we put on our house we will tell you below. Be ready for red and white theme for house interior.


First, balancing between Red and White colors in one room can we make different ratio with another room. For example, in living room we can make red just sparingly used as an accent and for Dining Area we can make red dominate it. But the important thing we still must be very careful in designing use red and white, look the ratio between this colors.


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Second, red and white in kitchen make it look bright and stunning.
Don’t nervous if we talk about red. Because red didn’t mean make your interior look weird if we can choose wisely red color and another color for balancing it. And for kitchen we can choose dark red or maybe bright red but don’t forget to use white to make it more calm and clean.


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Third, flooring red and white make your room look fancy.
In your living room beside use red for wall or furniture, better if we use red for flooring. For wall and furniture we can use calm and neutral colors like beige, brown, or white. And for flooring, red rugs we recommend it to make a dramatic impression for your living room. It will look great.


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Fourth, make a focal point.
Red with their bright and light color can make a focal point in your house. Just paint one side wall from your room and hang many picture, photo or painting there and make it mini gallery. It will look interesting and unique.


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Meaning of Red and White for your house interior.
So, red have many meaning in interior design. Red can be an ideal accent color, look bright and make big attention to the eye. But, red should be use moderately. Don’t use it too much because it can make it look weird. We can use
many texture or pattern with red on it beside use full red color. And white in interior has very usefull meaning. Neutral color like white give a neat and make interior colors look balance.


-Monika Dini-
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