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Posted on November 1, 2018

Indonesia has many heritage and Batik is one of Indonesia’s culture that showed us the authenticity. Batik very popular in fashion industry, but nowadays this pattern can get along with interior design too. We can share many ideas for you about make your house look modern and traditional in the same time with Batik.

Batik in Living Room
Pattern batik for house interior give a warm atmosphere beause its identic with brown or coral colors that can make house feel warmer. This function very suit for a living room. We can impress our family and relation with warm atmosphere starting from living room.


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Batik in Master Bedroom
Before this we said about modern style too right? So batik can make a house still look modern from the colors. Batik always known with brown or coral colors, or wood texture. But today we can choose batik with other colors, like blue, red or yellow. This colorful batik can make the room look more dynamic.


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Batik for Decoration
Batik is a pattern like another pattern that give an accent for some area. Even you use plain colors like white, black or blue, you can put some decoration with batik pattern. It give an accent for your house and traditional vibe can we feel it from there.


Source : Pinterest

Have another ideas for your house with Batik Pattern? Have you use it on your house?

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