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Posted on July 24, 2018

This time is time for back to school. Many kids happily back to school and meet their teacher and friends. And for teacher and school, they will think more for decorate their class. In order to the students can get a new experience in new school academic year. So, this is our ideas for interior décor for the classroom. Hope you inspired by it and it can you apply just not on school but for playroom or study room in your house.


Be an educative and inspirational place.
It will be more usefull and interesting if in the wall into the classroom we can see a lot of wise and inspirational quotes or maybe an theory from the book. Because it can help and push the student to learn harder in the class. Write a wise word, quotes or theory with an animation or maybe use an artistic hand lettering to make it more interesting. And you can put the quotes not just on the wall but can in frame, globe, or another decorative thing.


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Give unique theme for one room or hall.
In one school or college, there are one room called hall room. This hall room usually use for seminar, exhibition, etc with a lot of participant. So, in order to the students feel fresh while use the hall room we can decorating it differently. Like use a round pouch, neon lamp with a quote, coloring the wall with bright colors too.


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Give a Playground Section.
This idea is perfect for kids school or kindergarden. Beside a classroom for study, kids can we give a playground section. This area can be a place for children play around when break times.


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Contemporary Style for a simple one.
Contemporary style suits for classroom because this style show us a clean and neat room. Design that presenting a present era. This style very dynamic too. Contemporary usually use wood furniture with dark or bright colors.


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Zig Zag Décor.
Zig zag décor in classroom can make a different feeling for students there. We can place one table with many chairs that make it like zigzag. Or maybe use a floor, make it to be like in street with zigzag street on it. This ideas can make children more happy in the classroom.


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