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By November 21, 2017

Laser cut? It is a weapon or what? Many kind of this interior design nowadays become more unique and different. Many people too want an unique interior design for their house or living place like apartment or hotel or condotel. This ideas is one of that unique ideas. Laser cut for partition or backsplash in

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By November 7, 2017

What is millenials? Are we are milllenials? Yes if you have this characteristic : – Can’t stay far away from gadget – Love a teamwork more than competition – Have a concern with your healthy That is just some of many characteristic from this millenials people. But, don’t worry. Be a millenials people is good,

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By November 3, 2017

Profesional in every field has their own inspiration. It can come from a person that really have a great and incredible work on that profession. Interior design has it too. And this time we want to tell you about woman interior designer who has many great portfolio and for interior design lovers definitely really know

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