WOOD : “I can make you feel warmer.”

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Posted on December 5, 2017

When December coming its mean winter season coming to your place too. Even your house look warm and comfortable before, but make a little change in your house can make it warmer. How can? Wood is the answer.

Wood as a one of many natural resource in this world is main materials too for furniture industry. But for interior design nowadays, we can choose product that more environmentally friendly. We can make our house warmer with concept modern minimalist and use processed wood (like MDF, Plywood, Blockboard) to replace the wood as a main materials furniture in interior design.

And now we will tell you the secret why wood or wood texture can make your house warmer than before, especially in this winter season.
Wood as we know before is a natural resource for this world. Wood always we see in the forest and it was a heart of world, it can make air sirculation working smoothly. Natural feel from forest make a wood can bring a nature atmosphere in your house. Beside of that, the reason why wood can make house warmer is because wood has a brown colors. Brown color known as colors that can give warm feeling, peace, and comfortable.

For Interior design, you can use modern minimalis concept.
First, use wood furniture or furniture with wood texture on it and in living room you can make a fireplace (especially if you live in place with snow in winter season).



Second, in the kitchen and dining area you can make multifunction room. It means you make a kitchen with wood materials again and brown colors in some part to make it warm and you can make mini bar near the kitchen to save more space.


Third, for bedroom area wood texture or use wood for divan and side table can make your room comfortable and warm. We can add a soft lighting too there that can you feel relax.


Welcome winter season with grateful and happy heart all !
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