Be Careful ! What’s NOT in Interior Design This Year?

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Posted on January 9, 2018

Happy New Year !
In this new year , we think if we want to make a difference look from your own house or maybe just one room in your house. It is okay and it is great. We must have another look that refresh our mind if we are home.
But if many article talks about whats the trending in 2018, we want to help you avoid an interior design that is NOT for 2018. This is just some point from many opinions expert and article. For the final result is depends on you. You can still use it if you want with another creativity.


So, here they are 3 things what’s NOT for 2018 :


1. Cement Tile
Cement tile that known as encaustic tile. This tile usually use for floor or backsplash. Many motive or pattern make this tile a trending last year, but for this year cement tile maybe still can we use in some room. Remember ! You must look again what room that you want to put cement tile there. If for backsplash in kitchen maybe you can do that. But if you want to use it in bedroom you must think again. Or make a creative design using the cement tile.











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2. Gold Metal Finish
Last year we remember to share you about this style. Using a gold or metal finishing to make your house look more elegant. But for this year, 2018, many people think this style will not suit again, eventhough it still look good in some furniture.

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3. Millenial Pink
Pink, especially soft pink always be a primadona in last year. Many people use this color because it look very bright but calm. Look suits with some people, include kids.
But for this year, many people will not too interested with this colors. People will look more to a bolder colors than a soft pink.

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