Have a Classic Kitchen with American Style Design

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Posted on May 11, 2018

For some people especially in Indonesia, American style is not very often used. But for those of you who really like different things or anti mainstream, American style like this can be the solution.


But actually what are the characteristics of this American Style?


Identic with light and calm colors such as white, cream or like pastels.

No wonder if American Style unpopular between another style among Indonesia people, because their look so classic and its really suit just for people who live in American too. But from different side from this style, Indonesia people that looking for something different will choose this style and make their house like in America. The white or pastel color can give us a callm and soft for the place.


Seemed to have some form of profile inside its interior

Profile in this kitchen area can we look everywhere. Because of American style always have this characteristic. It is look very detail and make it unique.



There are dark accents (eg. black) in some parts such as doors and others.

In this kitchen set, we can look a dark accent from the handle. Handle with black color on it make the kitchen with pastel color look perfect and very country. Beside that we can see another dark accent from the stove and oven.




by Monika Dini
Source Photo : Likha Interior Portfolio – Residential Project (House Interior)