Woman and Interior Design? This is Top 3 Woman Interior Designer in Indonesia

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Posted on November 3, 2017

Profesional in every field has their own inspiration. It can come from a person that really have a great and incredible work on that profession. Interior design has it too. And this time we want to tell you about woman interior designer who has many great portfolio and for interior design lovers definitely really know about them. Especially this three woman is from our country, Indonesia.
First, we have Yuni Jie. In her 40, she is still stunning with many design for a lot of project. She was Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Industrial Design in Pratt Institute New York. After her study, she’s back to Indonesia and make many artwork with make Interior Firm named Jie Design ini 2002. Yuni Jie has interested with modern style interior, chic, urban, warm and understated elegant. Everything simple and not over is Yuni Jie’s style.



Credit : instagram.com/yunijie

Second, Ni Wayan Melati Blanca Danes. The wife from architect Popo Danes is a bachelor of Civil Engineering in National Technology Institute. Born in Serang 1977, and in 2006 she founded Interior Design firm named Melati Danes Interior. Her interior design is domination from combination of modern and traditional, especially Bali traditional.


Credit : instagram.com/melatidanesinterior

Third, Shirley Gouw. Born in 1979, make Shirley Gouw included as young interior designer. She’s a Bachelor Inchbald School of Design in London and Parsons School of Design in New York. Her first career is in Alexandra Design (1988) in Spanyol.


Credit : Arsitek Indonesia dan Fimela

One of her masterpiece is design in apartment showroom with theme “New York State of Mind”. This theme presented us an elegant and stylish like luxury apartment in New York.
How about you? Are you have ideas for your house interior? Or have another recommendation of interior designer?

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