Life in this Millenial Era ? Get this ideas for your millenials house !

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Posted on November 7, 2017

What is millenials? Are we are milllenials? Yes if you have this characteristic :
– Can’t stay far away from gadget
– Love a teamwork more than competition
– Have a concern with your healthy
That is just some of many characteristic from this millenials people. But, don’t worry. Be a millenials people is good, we follow the technology development, development era and we have an important role on it. Because of that for millenials, we just need simple living house but can fulfill our needs. So this is some ideas for your house interior that suits with millenials.


First, talk about gadget and technology. Millenials always use gadget and technology to do their
activities, so working table with invisible/secret draws can help you to save your gadget secretly. Small
working table under the stairs can be a great idea too, because it can save more space on your house,



Second, topic about teamwork and competition. Are this topic can relate with interior? Sure ! For a
person that need teamwork or choose teamwork than a competition. A place for you and your relation
work together in your house must be can give an positive and fun atmosfer. A fun and relaxing place can
make a smooth teamwork. So, you can use a bright and artistic wallpaper or paint for your wall. Use
different colors but still in one tone to make it dynamic. For example we can use blue pastel with pink
pastel or monochrome colors.



Third, healthy. Healthy is an important thing. Not just for millenials, but for all people in the world. And
your house interior is one of many factors that can make you healthy or unhealthy. It’s a good way if you
can arrange your furniture with a space. Don’t make many furniture in one room and make it look
narrow. It can make the air circulation is blocked. Give a space and put some green plants near the
windows or glass door. Sunlight and plants can make good air circulation and healthy life.


After that three ideas/tips about interior design for a millenials, are you ready to concern about your
interior design and be a great millenials?
Have a best day everyone !

Article by : Likha Interior