Feminine Simplicity Style (Feminine and Simple in One Time)

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Posted on April 19, 2018

Talk about Feminine, pink and pastel colors always be a main point.
Colors is a element for interior design or decoration house because colors can make your house look dynamic. And for girls room or many room that we want to show others the feminine touches always use pink color or pastel (bright and calm colors). It always make your room or house look fresh and more feminine if you put a flowery things like gordyn or cushion with flower pattern.




But, sometimes too flowery or girly, make it boring.
Everything that too much really not good. In the same case with this feminine decoration. So, in order to didn’t make our room or house look too girly or flowery, we can combine the feminine style with simplicity style. Flower motive can make your room or house look too flowery so you can change it with another pattern like stripes or chevron.


Scandinavian style, look elegant but still girly and really simple.
First of all, Scandinavian is a great choice if you want to make a Feminine Simplicity feels on your house. So, we can buy or make Scandinavian furniture. Besides that, Scandinavian has a patchwork motive that can show us a feminine feel without a flower pattern. Not too flowery but still girly. It’s really good, right?


White in your wall is better than pastel.
How can we make a room or house look feminine if we didn’t use pastel colors? Yes, we can. Because we can use pastel colors not just in the wall but in furniture. White and pastel can be a good combination to make a feminine simplicity style.



by Monika Dini

Source : Blog RupaRupa (blog.ruparupa.id), Elle Decoration
Image Source : Elle Decoration, Pinterest