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Vinyl vs Parquet

Flooring in interior design be one of the best part that can make your house more interesting, comfortable and unique. Flooring that many people use nowadays is vinyl and parquet. But, many people didn’t know too about the differences between both of them. Many people think vinyl and parquet is a same thing. But it is not.
What the differences ? Here they are. We will tell you the advantage and disadvantage of vinyl and parquet.



First, advantage of vinyl floor :
a. Easily setting. We can set vinyl in our floor by ourself too because it to easy especially if the room has a flat floor.
b. Cheap price. If we compared it with parquet, vinyl has a cheaper price and has a many kind pattern. It can be a plus score for vinyl between the parquet.
c. More flexible, waterproof and anti moist.




Disadvantage of vinyl :
a. The PVC material inside the vinyl is unfriendly for healthy. Because of that we need to coat it with special liquid in order more safe and friendly for healthy.
b. Easily to broken and ripped.



Second, advantage of parquet :

a. Cooling the room and adjust the room temperature. So, if the weather become cold, the parquet can make your floor warmer and make you comfortable.
b. Raised the house price. We know parquet as an expensive floor so, it can be a factor to raise the price from a house that use parquet.
c. Parquet is a floor that use a real wood. It make your house look more artistic and natural. Parquet is safe and friendly too for healthy.





Disadvantage of parquet :

a. Expensive. Like we said before that parquet is floor that most expensive than others. There are 3 type of parquet, they are solid (from real wood), engineering (from plywood or low quality wood with veneer coating), and laminate (from sawdust).
b. Opposite with vinyl, parquet is difficult enough to setting. You can’t setting it by yourself.
c. High Maintenance. When you cleaned parquet, you must be very carefully because if we wrong cleaning it, the parquet can be weathered and vulnerable termite. Beside that, we must polish it again with special liquid to keep it shiny.



So, what flooring will do you choose?
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