Kanayakan – Bandung

Project Description

In this project, we hear what our client want. When they want some natural and warm place, wood texture can be the answer, right? Beside that, brown colors especially dark brown really suit with wood color. In the bedroom area, we can see from divan and side table, dark brown with wood texture dominate it. Even we use a parquet for flooring.

And for the partition, wood texture still we use to match it with another area.



Move to the dressing table and wardrobe. Still in the bedroom area, wood texture and dark brown still dominate in this area. But for the door of wardrobe, we use white colors to make it balance. Solid colors can make the room dynamic and for white colors can make a room look fresh and neat.


And for the working room, there are small wardrobe with open shelves in the middle. For colors and texture its still same. Combination between solid color (white) and wood texture can make the working room look comfortable.







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