Newlyweds Couple? See This Secret for Your Dream House!

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Posted on February 23, 2018

For newly weds, a new house really can make their life more different. They lifed together in one place for the first time. And if we talk about house for a new couple, there will be two different style or different taste. In interior design we can mix and match or decide one concept for it. And here they are some ideas home décor for you all a newlywed couples.

a. Different style between the couple can make a difficult decision for fill your house with interior. But, don’t worry. For a new couple, know each others is important and a must. So, for the wife, she can give a suggestion color scheme to her husband, including her favorite color. After that, wife and husband can decide, mix and match between the wife’s favorite color with husband’s favorite color or between the wife’s concept with husband’s concept. For example the wife wants a pink, so they can arranged it with color that can neutralizing the pink so will not look to feminine. The colors that can we choose like : brown or mocca


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b. Ideas before can happen if the couple want to stay on their opinion each others. But, if you all want to choose same style or color scheme, you all can choose neutral style like natural or luxury like burgundy, gold, or brown and wood texture that can give a warm atmosphere. Really suits for a newlyweds couple.


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c. Next ideas is for the wall. Like a tips in point B, you can choose neutral colors for your furniture to choose a good style for your house. Beside that you can choose neutral colors for your wall too, like beige, gray and white. This color scheme really can give you a fresh feeling. Or you can use wallpaper that can creating an accent for your wall.


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d. Last is about saving space. Space is a big issue for newlyweds today. Because, sometime many couple need many furniture in limited space. So tips from us, you can replace a king size with queen size to make more room for storage and side tables. Beside that, for wardrobe you can use wardrobe with sliding door. It really can save more space.



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by Monika Dini